(V)LAN(s) with IPv6 + DHCPv6/RA + DynDNS on Route53, is it possible?

  • Hey guys!

    Currently, I have in my network, 1 PFSense 2.1 with 2 IPv6 blocks from SixxS.net, 1 /64 and 1 /48.

    My "domain.com" is hosted/managed at/from Amazon Route53.

    Everything around here is working smoothly and I'm wondering about something:

    • Can I use PFSense 2.1 to manage/update my "domain.com" hosted at Route53, when my LAN clients receives its IPv6 addr from PFsense's DHCPv6?

    I'm trying to achieve this but, it isn't working and since I'm not a PFSense expert, I can't figure it out by myself if, what I'm trying to do, is supported or not…