Two WAN ports with NAT to single LAN

  • Hello,

    First, my apologies if this has been covered I tried searching but couldn't appear to find the right word combination to return anything.

    I am running pfSense-2.1-RELEASE-amd64 on a dell server.

    I have three interfaces within my pfsense box: WAN, WAN2, LAN.  WAN and WAN2 are coming from my ISP within the data center and we have been issued two IP addresses with different netmasks and different gateways.

    I have the WAN and LAN working perfectly with site-site VPN via OpenVPN as well as NAT to a number of computers on the LAN interface working.  There are a bout a dozen or so port forwards via NAT in place.

    The WAN2 address handles our web traffic, and simply just needs to route port 80 and 443 to the web server.  I've added the NAT rules and it auto created the firewall rules, but nothing is working :(.

    When doing a diagnostics->ping and selecting the WAN2 interface, pinging things always time-out, but when doing default or WAN it works.

    I have the gateway set for both the WAN and the WAN2 interfaces (two different gateway IP's), and have not set a default gate way in

    We are migrating over from sonicwall routers/firewalls, and I confirmed everything still worked after trying it on the pfsense box.

    I assume there is something simple I am missing.  Any suggestions are much appreciated.


    • thequbit