IPsec Tunnel Speeds - Identical Hardware

  • I have just setup pfSense boxes to connect two sites with IPSec.

    The two boxes are using identical hardware.

    The IPSec tunnel is working. All settings are set the same between the two boxes (except IP addresses of course).

    Site A has a 150Mbps/65Mbps internet connection.

    Site B has a 75Mbps/35Mbps internet connection.

    I tested both sites' internet connection and they are both about what the connection speed should be to the outside world.

    Using iperf, the connection speed over IPSec from B to A is around 25Mbps. However, the speed from A to B is around 8Mbps.

    With identical hardware and identical settings, what should I be looking at to determine why the A to B is so much lower than B to A?

  • Hi,

    if both boxes are identical maybe the environments are not.

    How much CPU usage do you have at idle and while performing the speed test (on both sites)?

    Given you never reach line speed I suspect you hit 100% CPU usage.