Takes 30 minutes to boot when internet is down or not configured.

  • as the subject says.

    sometimes it pauses on some stupid time server for 3 attempts at what feels like 4 hours an attempt.

    and then when it goes to "configuring wan3" or wan4 etc if the connection isn't working or it cant fetch an ip for some reason it stops until further notice.

    how do I make this POS boot regardless of broken network connectivity?

    I have 5 wans, I could give a rip if it cant connect to one of them.

    I really don't give a F*** for a stupid time server either!!
    I don't know why the machine needs to connect EVERY SINGLE BOOTUP.

    cant it do that worthless crap LATER?

    sometimes the web interface lags hardcore. like 2 or 3 minutes before coming up? or doesn't come up atall…

  • ????

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