• Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with my vlan. Here is the setup.

    I have 3 branches and 1 main office with lease line VPN each sites.

    Branch 1 - network :
    VPN LAN IP -

    Branch 2 - network :
    VPN LAN IP -

    Branch 3 - network :
    VPN LAN IP -

    Head Office - network :
    VPN LAN IP -

    On the head office  PFSense LAN IP :
    with sub-interface and I called it VLAN-10 with IP ADD :
    I can ping both interface vice-versa from and to each interface.
    When Im connected to my LAN Interface I can ping VPN LAN IP and also the IP to my Branch Office so no connection problem.
    My Problem is when Im connected to SUB-Inteface VLAN 10. I can't ping my VPN LAN IP.. and also then my Branch Office..

    Please Help..


  • are you bridging these ?
    it appears you'd have conflicting subnets to route them ?

    are you running the vpn yourself or has it been handled for you?

  • It was a lease line VPN.. managed by a provider..