• I am sorry if this has been asked before, I have looked at the topics but I can’t find the answer

    I have spent hours trying to get my setup to work but I have now hit a brick wall and need help.

    Here is my setup.

    I have 1 DSL connection and 1 Satellite connection, these connections both go into a separate router and then from the router they connect into a Peplink Balance 30. The reason I have the router's before the Peplink is because I have a time restriction setup on them, I have the DSL Router block the internet from 12am till 5pm, this then makes the Balance 30 send all internet traffic through the Satellite  as during this time the satellite are unmetered, The Router on the satellite then reboots at 5am to make sure that all the traffic then goes back though the DSL.


    I have an HP ProLiant G8 with a 4 port NIC card. I have set up VM Virtual Box and I have the NIC bridged to the Virtual PC.
    I would like to change my network to this.


    My intention is to use the PFSense as a firewall, and also set up some parental filters / controls on it.

    I do intended to remove the other routers and the Balance 30 at a later date as I get to know the software better.

    I have spent days in trying to setup 2 LANs and 2 WANs, but for some reason the closest I can get it two WANS one LAN.

    LAN two is generating an IP which the Peplink is picking up but I cannot get LAN two traffic to go through WAN 2.

    I have now reset the PFSense back to factory default and I am ready to start again.

    Please can someone help.


  • Anyone?

  • You should just be able to make or modify the pass all rule on LAN2 to have gateway WAN2. And, if you like do similar to the rule on LAN1 to have gateway WAN1 (but WAN1 is probably the default gateway already, so you get that for free).
    You will be able to set Firewall rules on schedules to put various traffic onto various WAN/s at various times of the day.
    I imagine it will get easier when you don't have the Balance 30 also in the path trying to do multi-WAN failover stuff!

  • Thanks,

    I thought that I had tried that, but I must have missed selecting the correct gateway in the advanced features.