IPSEC - "The remote gateway… ... is already used..."

  • Hi All,

    Using PFSense 2.1

    I am currently connecting to AWS VPC VPN in two different regions happily, however I have needed to move our VPC's to a single region. For compliance the VPC's must be separated.

    AWS does not let you connect two different VPC VPNs to a single IP so we now have multiple static IPs.

    I have set these new VIPs up as an Alias. AWS VPC #1 is currently on our default gateway interface and I am trying to set up AWS VPC2 to use one of the new VIP Alias'

    When we created the new VPC VPN we were given the SAME IP address to connect to but a different Key.

    When I try to add this and click save i get the error
    The following input errors were detected:

    The remote gateway "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" is already used by phase1 "AWS VPC #1".

    It is NOT possible to have a phase 2 entry to connect to the second VPC.

    Is there a way to get around the GUI and make this happen. The address ranges are different so there should be no issues.