Downloading package and doing something else

  • Hi all,

    This sounds a very lame question but I want to know, I recently installed pfsense here in the office and I'm a newbie in pfsense. General question, can you do something else while downloading a package? Like can I jump to a different page of pfsense webgui and do something else? If ever I close the browser page will it be able to continue the download?

    Thanks and sorry if this question is somehow lame, but I'm serious.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Probably. However I wouldn't since you won't see any errors or prompts. Why are you asking? Packages taking an exceptionally long time to install?


  • Actually I'm on my way home when I posted the question and to bring my laptop home. Well I tried to jump to a different page but unfortunately the download stopped. Yeah the download takes time due to some people here downloading stuff that ain't related to work(porn I guess?) that's the reason why I'm installing pfsense to stop them from downloading stuff and restrict them from accessing certain sites(like porn sites). I'm also looking at the option of downloading via ssh directly to the server but for some reason it doesn't connect. I'm using the pkg_add command. I'm new to this cli on UNIX so I need more practice and study.

    Hey how do I download from in the ssh?

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    In case you didn't realize the pfSense packages that you load up through the webgui are different to the FreeBSD packages loaded via pkg_add. Loading FreeBSD packages is not really recommended. Mostly they work, especially small stand-alone stuff, but it's also possible to completely break pfSense by accidentally overwriting some component due to a dependency.
    The command line shell in pfSense, TCSH, is basically a complete FreeBSD shell. Unlike many other *BSD or Linux based firewalls there is no restricted environment with limited ability. This also means there is no easy to work with set of custom commands, though there are some. As such start reading the FreeBSD user guide!  ;)

    Others have made some lists of useful CLI commands in pfSense, for example:
    I don't recommend using viconfig as listed there unless you're already familiar with vi and it's weirdness!  ;)
    The ee editor in included for mortals.

    You can download things directly from the CLI using the fetch command. E.g.

    fetch -o /tmp

    Downloads the file somefile.txt to the /tmp directory.

    I don't think that's going to help you though.