Installing Kaspersky Antivirus on pfSense

  • Hi .

    I'm using pfSense 2.1 and I have installed Kaspersky Anti-virus on it. Now I need to configure that but I cannot specify Locale !
    what should I do?

    Error is like this :

    Setting up the Anti-virus Service default locale

    locale: not found
    You need to specify a locale the Anti-Virus Service will use when applying the protection settings.
    It is very important to specify the locale you are using when working with the file system names ( in most cases this should be the system locale).


    I tried lots of possible locales but I've just saw following errors:


    Locale: not found

    Error: It is not a valid locale. you can execute 'locale -a' command line to see the list of all available locales.


    and then I tried  executing 'locale -a' command line, but I just saw Not found error again and again..  :(

    what should I do?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Interesting I wasn't aware any of the commercial antivirus vendors were making anything for FreeBSD.
    pfSense is a very cut down version of FreeBSD so there is a good chance it's missing some component required by Kaspersky. Did you install the correct version? Kaspersky appears to have separate versions for 7, 8 and 9.
    I'm struggling to find much info/documentation do you have a link?


  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for reply .

    You can find the related document for installing Kaspersky in following link :

    Yes I think that I'm using the correct version. And also I guess that this error is not related to the version of Kaspersky.. :(
    Don't you have any suggestion for this problem?!
    Could you tell me about locales?

  • I tried lots of possible locales including en_US.UTF8 but every time I saw the same error : Not found !!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is this the most recent version from Kaspersky or just what you have? FreeBSD 8.2 is quite old now. pfSense 2.1 is built on 8.3 so there may be some differences there.
    One of the system requirements listed is:

    Installed packages to compile programs (gcc, binutils, glibc (64-bit operating systems use the 32-bit versionof glibc), glibc-devel, make, ld), as well as the installed source code of the operating system kernel to compile Kaspersky Anti-Virus modules.

    pfSense does not contain any build tools or source code so that's probably a problem.

    What pfSense version are you installing this on? My test box here (32bit Nano 2.1.1) does not recognise the locale command at all.


  • I didn't have problem for installing and the installation was successful. 
    I'm using pfSense 2.1 i386 and Kaspersky kav4fs-8.0.2_160.
    Mine doesn't recognize it too when I'm running that in the Shell.
    But after running Kaspersky Configuration File and when I see that error, I typed locale command and I received Not found as a result !

    So, as you said it would be correct if I use older version of pfSense? I'll try that.

  • Netgate Administrator

    No I don't think an older version would help. Even if you got past the locale command the next step is to compile the kernel modules for the virus scanner and that's definitely not going to work.
    You would have to compile the modules on a FreeBSD 8.3 machine and copy them across to pfSense which may be possible.