• Hi everyone,

    I dont know is this true section for this post.

    I want to lan to wan port forwarding

    For example,

    When I'll try to connection port 1251 anywhere, it is shuold be convert to port 25

    is it possible with pfsense?

    I've used before endian. But I have not used before pfsense.

    Please help me .

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi mehmetyayla,

    You want to alter the destination port from 1251 to 25 on traffic going from LAN to WAN (or any other interface), but keep the destination IP address?
    Example: Host tries to connect to any host (in another subnet) on port 1251. pfSense changes only the destination port from 1251 to 25, but keeps the destination IP address.

    I suspect that this isn't possible with pfSense. The nearest solution is the ability to redirect all outgoing traffic destined for any host on port 1251, towards a specific host on port 25.
    Example: Host tries to connect to any host on port 1251. pfSense changes the destination IP address to and port to 25. For this you would use port forwarding.

  • thank you vindenesen for your reply.

    Thats right. I want to alter the destionation port going from lan to wan. But not necessary keep destination IP Address. Because we've a lot of Wan Ip address. We can send to any ip address. But should be as follows. 1251 to 25 wan ip, 1252-26 wan ip xx1.xx1.xx1.xx1 etc…

    For example : telnet 1251
    hotmail server should give back to smtp helo (port 25)

    I'm investigating for long time and I learned it is feasible with outbound NAT.

    And I've tried alot of outbound rules. but doesn't work still

    And this is very important for me :(

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