Shaping SkyDrive/Google Drive and cloud backup clones

  • I have multiple LAN card based system pointing to a single WAN, so I can monitor who is using some data, however I started playing with nTOP and monitor RRDGraphs

    BUT last night I noticed the domain and massive downloads overnight, normally would not care but as we have an allowance that particular person used up 50% of our internet allowance from what might be a SkyDrive sync.

    What I want to know, has anyone had any success in traffic-shaping reduction of SkyDrives/GoogleDrives/anydrives cloud backup systems?

    My thoughts is:-
    1: Detect the domain where they are connecting to and reduce the bandwidth to certain hours of the night and trickle data across.
    2: Allow burst of data for 10minutes and then restrict back unless it is the night
    3: I have explored multi Wan before and currently not using it but thinking about an unlimited broadband deal with someone.  So I am thinking that maybe if we detect a domain for a long time, those packets can be re-routed across to it? cant see how to do it of the top of my head.  So any MASS Downloads go over a different WAN which has a better deal.

    Any thoughts? add addons?