Extensive GUI use causes it to lock up

  • I have seen this issue, and similar issues in many posts, with no concrete resolution.  I find that if I do too much in the GUI (making changes, typically more than 4 or 5 in a single session), the GUI freezes and it doesn't accept SSH to the WAN interface.  (btw, I am coming in through the WAN interface for the GUI on HTTPS)

    Any SSL tunnels also stop working.  There is nothing in the logs that is useful.  I AM able to, at this point, log in to the box via SSH on the LAN interface and get the menu/shell up.  I have tried restarting the webgui from the menu, no help.  I have done as others posted, and killed PHP and lighttp, and restarted them - no help.  I have done a kill -9 to snort, no help.  Rebooting fixes it.

    If we don't touch the GUI, the box will run for days until we need to use the GUI again.

    One bit of odd behaviour I notice is - I will have a terminal open trying to SSH in, and it just sits there - no reply of any kind.  In another window, when I issue the reboot command, while the box is going down the SSH session in the first window will suddenly prompt for a password (which is useless since the box is on its way down).

    Has anyone else seen this, and is there a known fix for this?