• I have many embedded devices all hammering away for ntp. I wanted to centralize all these to instead use pfsense ntpd server and use a pool that I have setup. I can see that ntpd is indeed started is producing this…

    Status Server Ref ID Stratum Type When Poll Reach Delay Offset Jitter
    Active Peer 2 u 64 64 77 86.963 -44.852 3.682

    In my understanding by "not" selecting any interfaces in the NTP setup that should cause all outgoing ntp requests to redirect to regardless of the original ip address. I have tried all and no interfaces. Nothing works.

    If I look at the NTP status. it simply shows it was started up and listening on all the various interfaces. I don't see any messages indicating any ntp inquiries..

    I did a quick test and put a outgoing lan rule to fire off a log entry if anything tries to go to the outside wan for ntp. And it shows it is. So I figured I would help it along by creating an outgoing NAT to redirect the ip to pfsense. But it seems even an outgoing nat doesn't work. as it falls through to the next rule that traps any outgoing wan request to port 13. If it worked I would never get to this rule.

    So what is the correct way to set this up?