Need suggestion on proposed build

  • I have been reading and think I know what I want to get, just need a sanity check.

    Home connection: 35 mbps down, 6 mbps up

    Proposed board:
    Loaded with 8 GB ram.

    1 port will be used as WAN, 1 port will be used as LAN connected to

    Not really planning on running snort, squid, HAVP, etc

    Wifi will be handled by a WAP connected to the switch

    1.) OpenVPN at 30+ mbps - this is top priority
    2.) Low Power consumption
    3.) LAN to LAN transfers remain at gbps speeds - no real concern as this should all happen on the switch

    Thank you in advance for you advise/help

  • I'm not sure how well the board will be supported.  pfSense 2.1 uses FreeBSD 8.3 as it's base OS.  FreeBSD 10 is said to be the base OS for pfSense 2.2, but there's no release date on 2.2 considering FBSD 10 just went release within the last week or so.  That being said, I recommend this setup.

    The nice thing about that setup, is you can always buy a HIFN hardware en/decryption board from eBay and use it on pfSense.  The onboard NICs are supported by pfSense 2.1 and are Intel.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The D2500CCE is quite widely supported and well used. Your requirements are well within it's capabilities. You won't need anything like 8GB of ram if you're not running squid or snort.