• I am managing the network (Samba, Print, NAS, DHCP) server at my home where all the clients are family members and next month we will be having a huge wedding. I am expecting about 30-50 (max) will be connected to the router and i wonder if there is any way to push a content such as HTML to all clients connected to the network. It would be super awesome if anyone here know or may be able to share any method, tool or technology that can allow me to achieve that. Thank you so very much~


  • What do you mean, "push content"?

  • If you mean display content without the user's intervention, then no, not really a way to do that. If you mean something popping up first when they try to surf, then yes, that can be achieved with a captive portal.

  • since there are no profit motive behind this, i am completely open to any setup. captive portal is the one like hotel and other public wifi uses right? it seems so doable though - to have like a pop-up message on client computers if you are the server/gateway/router.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you run a captive portal you can redirect clients to a web page of your choosing, usually hosted locally, so you can have whatever message you want but obviously users will only see it the first time the try to open a web page.
    If you want to have messages spontaneously appear on clients devices as they connect to your wifi I think you're out of luck. You would have to send it to some service already running on the clients like netsend for example. That may be possible but it would vary between devices/OSs. It would be very involved to get multiple things working and it would rendered completely ineffective by anyone running any sort of firewall like Windows Firewall, so almost everyone!  ;)