Trying to restore 2.0.3 backup to clean 2.0.3 cannot restore anything but all

  • clean 2.0.3 instal on new computer with 3 NICs and built in that have different names from the backup. Went from 3 interfaces to 4 also.

    When I restore an individual section such as system or captive portal I get no error but data is not restored. Even after reboot.

    Restore all works but causes an interface mismatch that I cannot resolve due to vlans theat were imported and the additional interface not being present.

    Can I edit the XML and remove the interfaces that are causing my problems?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can go to Interfaces > (assign) and remove VLANs and other interfaces before rebooting post-restore.

    But editing the config is probably easier and quicker.

  • Thank you very much.