How can i configure pfsense as pptp-uplink router only?

  • hello!

    i am trying to configure a pfsense box as a simple router with pptp uplink. let me describe the setup first:
    the internet line ends with a modem. rl0 is connected to the modem and has a pptp connection configured. the connection gets a static ip with subnet (all public ips). now i want to provide the static ip on rl1 as gateway to my devices behind, so they have internet access.
    my idea was to bridge wan (pptp on rl0) with rl1, but that doesn't work. obviously i'm missing something.

    what works:
    the pptp link goes up and the static ip is pingable from outside.
    what doesn't work:
    any connection to the box from inside.

    the static subnet is /29 and all 5 usable ip-addresses are needed for 2 firewalls and 3 carp interfaces.
    any help is welcome!

    thanks in advance,