• I know I could just try this by modifying my config, but I wondered if anyone knew the answer.

    We have a separate circuit coming into our office for non business.

    Our main provider is on a different ISP.  We use ASAs with multiple tunnels to remote locations, etc.

    My question is can I configure a pfsense box to be used in a failover situation with our non business ISP.  I don't want to modify any rules in the ASAs.  IN a failover situation I just want to plug the wan asa port into my lan port on the pfsense box and wan on the pfsense to the non business use isp line.

    I just want to configure a pfsense box with the lan set to my ASA external ip range and dhcp for my wan as per the ISP.  I would also set the pfsense IP as the default gateway programmed into my ASA.  Does anyone know if that technically would work for plug and plug outbound failover to a different ISP? I just want to allow outbound requests to the internet. I know my statics for vpn , dmz, wouldn't work.