Restrict Websites for kids devices

  • I have used pfSense for a while, yet only use a small fraction of it's capabilities.  I am not sure of the verbiage to explain what I need on a technical basis.

    I have 2 girls, both which have a PC and tablet each.  I have created DHCP static entries for all networked devices, including their stuff.  I would like to restrict access to certain websites on these specific devices.  I still want unlimited access by other devices in my house.

    Keep in mind that I am technical, but am leaving my "wheelhouse" with advanced networking stuff like this.  Can someone explain to me what I need and what guide to follow?

    My hardware is a Celeron D with a 60gig SSD and 4 gig of ram with dual NIC onboard (love the barebone deals on Tiger), so hardware is not an issue.

  • There are a couple of ways to do this. No one way is perfect. Here is something which I have done for my home network.

    I have Squid 3 package installed. All the kids iPods, iPhones, tablets are set to use a proxy on the regular proxy port 3128. They can technically change their device to not use the proxy, so I kind of trust them not to change their proxy settings. Running Squid in transparent mode is more trouble than it is worth I think, but it can be done. My setup runs Squid in regular non-transparent mode.

    Now for the blocking, you can use Squid ACL rules to do some blocking or use Squid in combination with the SquidGuard package.

    I don't use SquidGuard. For me I just want to block Ads for the kids. I use the method from this website:

    You can technically use this to block adults sites too.

    I just downloaded an adblock list for Squid and then added this to the Proxy Server - Custom Options section:

    acl ads dstdom_regex "/usr/pbi/squid-amd64/etc/squid/ad_block.txt"
    http_access deny ads

    It takes a bit of tinkering with the ad_block.txt if you want to allow some things. Overall it works for me.

  • Personally, I think Dansguardian is the ultimate in managing internet access for a family. See this post for a description of how I use it and some stuff I've created to try to make it easier for those who want to use it in the same way…,68927.msg379573.html#msg379573

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