New 2.1 install Wan up but no traffic from inside to internet

  • Hoping someone can help me.
    I am helping my nephew setup a pfsense remotely.  Installed 2.1 in a VM with 2 interfaces.  Was able to get the WAN online, able to remote into the webgui to make configurations.  But unable to ping out of the pfsense box, and he is unable to access the internet.
    When I SSH into the pfsense or the VM Host, traffic between the pfsense and the LAN machines seem fine. 
    He is able to access the pfsense webgui from LAN as well.
    Not sure what other information you all need to help.  Please let me know if additional detail is needed.


  • Nm, had Lan gateway as default gateway somehow…

  • Netgate Administrator

    It will get selected as default because it's the most recently defined gateway. However you almost certainly should't have a gateway defined on LAN at all.