VT100 session in PFSense

  • PFSense newbie- Administering a hotel in Ecuador where maximum guest load  on the system is 100-125 clients. Running another firewall on a P4. Switch is a D Link DES 3028 managed switch.  I need to be able to  remotely connect to the P4 from the WAN side and start a VT-100 session through the serial comm port to administer the DES3028. Is this possible in PFSense?  I searched the forums and did not find what I was looking for, reason for this post.



  • Yes, two ways at least.  I assume the pfSense machine has a serial port and connects to the switch.  One way is to set up pfSense to enable ssh logins from WAN, then ssh in and use cu to connect to the switch.

    Another more secure way would be to set up a VPN; once connected via VPN, then ssh in to pfSense and do the same.

    Any particular reason you want to use a serial line rather than ssh'ing to the switch directly? (you'd need to set up a VPN for this too).

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