Error with config.xml on pfSense-LiveCD-2.1-Released-amd64 on Dell PoweEdge r720

  • Hi all,
    I had just installed pfSense- pfSense-LiveCD-2.1-Released-amd64 on a Dell PoweEdge r720. The installation went smoothly, but after the reboot appears an error message:

    Code: [Select]

    "ls:. * xml: No such file or directory"
    "Config.xml is corrupted and is 0 bytes. Could not restore a previous backup."

    Apart from the error message, the options like "1) Assign interfaces" can not be selected and the screen jumps back to the menu.
    Only can access Shell, Can any one give a solution ??

  • Hi,

    Having the same problem and with same hardware. Is there any fix for this problem at all ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. Make sure you are using pfSense 2.1.4, not 2.1-RELEASE as the OP of the thread was.

    2. From the console menu, try the option to reset to factory defaults. If that fails, try:

    cp /conf.default/config.xml /conf/config.xml