IPv6 6RD tunnel with Telia Sweden. Not working?

  • Hi.

    I have been trying to get 6RD to working now for some time but I fail miserably every single time.
    My isp is Telia here in Sweden. I know that they have a 6RD that you can use if you are a Telia customer.

    I have selected 6RD tunnel under WAN->IPv6 Config Type.

    Typed in the settings under 6RD Rapid Deployment section.

    WAN Interface

    Looks like I'm getting a v6 ip from the tunnel but i can't ping any v6 host when logged on to pfsense using ssh.

    And v6 gateway is always offline too(seems online for just a few seconds after I hit save under Interfaces->WAN)

    I have been using pfsense on and off for quite some time but then I just been using the basic stuff. So any ideas and suggestions to what is wrong here is much appreciated.

  • Hi Pertan,

    I'm not sure you will be able to get 6RD working with 2.1.

    I'm using 6RD with a 2.1 build from way back in January 2013 & it works great, but sometime after that there were some changes made that broke 6RD and I was never able to get it working again.

    Here's the ticket I have open on this problem:


    There are some allusions to a mis-configuration but I was never able to divine out what that mis-configuration might be. Currently the problem, whatever it might be, is scheduled to be in pfsense 2.2 but I'm afraid that proper ipv6 will be in general use before that ships.


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