Squid Proxy - Google working in chrome but not an IE?

  • So I installed squid proxy + squid guard,  set up the proxy, then I went to install the squid-guard but was iffy on it so i uninstalled it, then changed mind again re installed.  I now have it blocking nothing but when I am using Google on chrome it works no issue, i go to IE it blocks Google, why is this before the proxy I did not have anything like this but now on IE it is saying that the proxy is blocking this.  I literally have nothing in there yet telling it to block.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Chrome may be using HTTPS and not HTTP, and may be bypassing the proxy.

    The default setting in squidGuard is to block. Go to the Common ACL tab, look in the Target Rules List, and make sure the last entry for default is set to Allow. Then go back to the first squidGuard tab, apply, and then test again.

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