Hardware Requirement- RAM question

  • Hi All,

    I am new to pfSense, I have read fair amount of information (may be not enough)
    in regards to hardware requirement, specifically referring to RAM memory on the

    Currently, I would like to recycle an old dinosaur- Pentium 2 350MHz
    system. The motherboard is capable of supporting 256MB x 3 dimm slots = 768MB (max)

    I have read on the The Definite Guide v2.1 (draft) stating the minimum
    requirement for pfSense to run is the following:

    Referring to page 30:
    1) CPU = 100 MHz
    2) RAM = 256MB or more

    Both criteria are meet, as you can see. :)

    However, I am a bit concern about installing Snort and Squid proxy
    in pfSense. As you know minimum RAM size to run Snort is 512MB.
    The reminder RAM usage balance is 256MB (768MB -512MB = 256MB)

    Installation will be on USB thumb drive (using memstick image)
    So, this means the swap partition will be moved to the RAM

    Users on the network will be 5 people maximum.

    Question is does the remaining of 256MB suffice for pfSense
    to function smoothly and stably, since I am planning to install
    more packages later which I assume will take up more space
    on the RAM.

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Depending on how much bandwidth you've got, that box may get crushed and RAM has nothing to do with it.

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