Vlans and bridging

  • Hi,

    I just built a bridge for my lan side: the idea was to have two ports to two inter-connected switches and use rstp to allow for redundant pathing.  I renamed my two lan ports as LAN1 and LAN2, and defined the bridge as the interface LAN so I could define rules based on the bridge rather than individual ports.

    Thus far it worked well.  Until I attempted to use vlans.

    I had intended to have three vlans: mgmt, core, and dmz.  I figured based on how vlans get defined in pfsense, that I would end up with three bridges: one for each vlan.  But I was unable to select the vlan interfaces to build a bridge with: it strictly limited me to only the physical interfaces.

    I suspect I may be over-complicating things, but there's a method to my madness.  Is pfsense not able to do this kind of configuration, or am I going about it all wrong?

    This is pfsense 2.1.



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