Squid bandwidth throttling amount

  • Hello All,

    Would like to hear anyones comments on what a 'decent' amount would be for bandwidth throttling for a school setting with squid?
    We have never had to do this before,but with the crazy amount of mobile devices inside a school these days,,and the lax control by admins for having this openly using them,we are saturating our avaliable internet bandwidth.
    Can someone that has been down this road,give some insight.We have a carload of teachers that of course still want to show youtubes for a babysitting tool,,,sad to say.

    We have 2 x 6MB connections and 1 x 3MB being load balanced and does work quite well.

    I can see looking at Lightsquid and the proxy state,there is a never ending amount of connections hitting the internet pulling down videos,,etc,even with almost everything denied in squidgaurd catagories ,and trying to block,all the mutlimedia stuff,,is a never ending battle,it goes without saying.

    Would 350kb be a good staring point in that average web browsing would be functional?

    Thank You,

  • Try it and see.  However, you might be better served with Traffic Shaping so that you can more finely control who gets what.  I'd recommend a support contract in place to help with Traffic Shaping, as it's not for the faint of heart.

  • Do you have your Wi-Fi on a seperate subnet or on a separate Pfsens interface from your LAN?

    If so then run the Traffic shaping Wizard and dedicate 2MB of total bandwidth (Set upload and download max)

    Then test it to ensure it works. I done something similar, and can confirm it workshere. That Wi-Network won't allow the Wi-Network to go over 2BM total download and upload…if too many people is on it, it just slows down, but it won't let the wifi exceed 2 MB download and Upload as a total.

    since your already running Squid, you can use cacheing to make it appear faster then it actually is without it chewing up your bandwidth.

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