Apply _all_ settings?

  • Hi,

    does anybody know if there is a mother-of-all-"Apply"-buttons of some kind? Either that or a summary which pages I have to visit to apply everything?

    I'm often setting up firewalls for customers, changing just about everything, and I have to apply everytime I save something. I have to 'save'  every setting twice (which, to be honest, is quite annoying), and more often than not, I forget to do so the second time.

    Then I can go back to all pages I visited, just to make sure I didn't forget to apply. I'd like there to be some button that lets me apply everything at once, or at least a summary to tell me what pages need applying.

    Rebooting is an option, as that will apply everything once it is restarted, but that's a bit cumbersome and lengthy, so a shorter option would be appreciated.

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