Okay what am I missing?

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  • I seem to be missing something here.

    I'm trying to set up a multi-homed WAN set up doing round robin balancing and failover.

    Here's what I've got:

    DSL Modem - Modem operates in bridged mode, static IP from ISP.
    Cable modem - Modem also operates in bridged mode, static IP from the ISP as well.
    Local NIC - Static IP and to be used to NAT local network across the two WAN's.

    I am attempting to do this using pfSense 1.2-RC1 and following the guide from here: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/MultiWanVersion1.2.  After I get the following work done:

    WAN (DSL):
    Type - Static
    IP - ISP provided IP
    Gateway - ISP provided gateway

    OPT1 (Cable):
    Type - Static
    IP - ISP provided IP
    Gateway - ISP provided gateway.

    After I have the interfaces configured I should be ready to move on to create the three needed pools as referenced in the guide above, but here's the problem I run into while creating the first pool:

    Name: Load Balance
    Description: Load balance two WAN's
    Behavior: Load balancing
    Monitor: First DNS Server

    At the interface box is where I have trouble and I can't make progress.  From the drop down list I am only able to select OPT1 and not WAN at all.  Now if I disable the OPT1 interface then I can select WAN, but so far it's just OPT1 is all I can access.  Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, some background information on what I'm using here:
    Dell OptiPlex GX110
    512MB of RAM
    1GHz P3
    140GB IDE Disk
    1 Onboard NIC
    2 Realtek NIC's
    pfSense 1.2-RC1 (RC2 and 3 both cause problems at the boot block when installing, so I am sort of stuck here.

    Any and all help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Try RC3

  • I'm having what sounds like the same problem. I submitted it as a bug because hours of googling I found others with the same issue. Here's how mine presents:

    version 1.2RC3 embedded on Dell PowerEdge 750 on CompactFlash
    2 embedded gigabit NICS connected at 100Mbps (WAN and OPT1)
    1 3Com PCI NIC (LAN)

    Both WAN and OPT1 are set up and connected to different DSL modems on different ISPs. For each I can ping the gateway through Diagnostics|Ping on the corresponding interface.

    When I try to set up my first Load Balancing Pool as per the MultiWan1.2 document, only WAN is available in the list of interfaces.


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