Bridge ports links bouncing

  • Hello,

    I am having trouble: I setup a bridge with rstp on, and the port links are going down and up again every 5-10 seconds or so at about a 50% duty cycle.

    While data certainly is not moving, I have verified it is the link itself by watching the console output of the other end of the link.

    Before setting up the bridge, I configured each port by itself as its own interface, and each port can send/receive packets just fine.

    When I configured the bridge, I also set the to 0 and to 1.

    I have tried the following combinations:

    • connecting to a smart switch (untagged vlan)

    • connecting to a dumb switch

    • connecting one firewall to another (pfsense, same setup each)

    • connecting directly to my host computer

    • with and without rstp

    • with the default values of the tunables listed above

    • forcing edge or ptp port modes

    • enabling/disabling auto edge/ptp modes

    • altering bridge priorities

    So, here is the pertinant info:
    these devices are lanner fw7541C devices running pfsense 2.1.  I have turned off all hardware offloading, etc.

    Can anyone lend insight to me?  Thanks!


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