Squid/Squidguard - Allow only specific URL and not the entire domain?

  • I have a problem. Squid and Squidguard are working great (pfsense , squid 2.7.9, squidGuard 1.4_4), but I can't seem to figure out how to set up the rules properly to do this very specific thing I need.

    My Common ACL is set to allow everything on my Allowed list, and to deny Default Access. In other words, you can't get to anything unless I put it on the allowed list.

    I am trying to allow access to somedomain.com/folder without allowing access to somedomain.com itself. It isn't working. In my allowed list, I have tried putting somedomain.com/folder into the URL section and the Regex section.

    If I put somedomain.com in the domain section, it allows the entire domain, including the folder I want.

    Is there a configuration that will allow somedomain.com/folder without allowing access to somedomain.com ?

  • Maybe you can try a "whitelist" in squidguard.

    You create an extra folder called "whitelist" into your favorite blocklist.tgz. (so download it first on your desktop)
    That folder, called whitelist, should contain a url file or a domain file, with the urls or domains you want to whitelist.

    Upload that manipulated blocklist.tgz into pfSense, and update squidguard with that locally stored blocklist.
    Now in the squidguard menu (Proxy filter) in the tab "Common ACL" you add the "whitelist" category to whitelist.
    Save and Apply and test the previously blocked url.

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