Install squid does nothing :(

  • Trying to install squid3 on a working 2.1 install… Everything looks to go find during he package install but nothing happens. I've rebuilt the machine and restored the config... Still no squid3.

    It appears on the installed packages screen but nowhere else...

  • So I've tried installing squid2. Nothing. No menu, no service. No errors.

    I feel I'm missing something really basic here. Any ideas?

  • Once installed, it does NOT show as Squid.  You'll find it under Services\Proxy Server


  • …and Proxy Filter for SquidGuard.

  • Yep, that's what I expected. Nothing there.

    I'm wondering if it actually hasn't installed at all. There seems to be something odd going on with gateways that I need to fix.

    However there were no errors during the package install, and it's listed under the installed packages. It just doesn't appear to really be there.

  • Ok… I've resolved my gateway issues, which I don't think we're relevant but anyway....

    If I install the squid package then I get a proxy server service and menu. If I install squid3 they disappear and all evidence of squid is gone from the GUI.

    Since other people seem to be able to at least install squid3, something weird is going on.

    Any ideas how I can start diagnosing this problem.

  • If I recall (I've been extraordinarily frustrated with this Squid3 thing for a while now, so I do not recall 100%), pfSense did show 'Proxy server' and 'Reverse Proxy' under Services on its navigation bar immediately after installation finished.

    Searching the Internet for a well-written tutorial on Squid3 and pfSense (and not finding any), some articles mention the need to reboot and others do not. I know I rebooted the pfSense box anyway.

    Some articles make a passing mention of the need for Squid to be the very last package installed.

    Suffice it to say, the task I need Squid3 to solve has not been solved as yet.

  • Thanks… And now it's worked.

    Really weird because I've installed and uninstalled many times, suddenly it appears. So I'm a happy camper, but odd that the GUI should report a successful installation when that doesn't seem to be the reality.

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