List of alert events?

  • Is there any comprehensive list of all the conditions in a stock pfSense installation that throws an alert? I've set up the SMTP alerting, and tried it successfully with the test function. However, I don't know what will actually produce an email. Too high CPU-temp? There is settings for what qualifies as "warning" and "critical" in the dashboard widget, but no referense to whether that throws a system alert or not. Trying to lower the warning-limit made the widget go bananas, but no mail was produced.

    What will?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no conclusive list at the moment, but generally speaking:

    • CARP Events (config sync errors, VIP state transitions, etc)
    • Filter reload errors
    • Gateway failures
    • Corrupt config.xml
    • Inability to upload a config with AutoConfigBackup

    Basically, anything that makes a notice flash in the upper right, plus a few other things.

    The notifications will be quite a bit more flexible in the future but probably not until after 2.2 ships.

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