Verizon 4620L Pfsense 2.1 works great!

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    I am testing the 4620L with pfsense and so far it works great!  Configure it for usb tether by changing the setting in the web interface, plug it in to your pfsense box, config the interface for DHCP.

    I did not know these things could tether and hated them until I figured out that they could.

    The 4620L is awesome in my book now.

  • Would like to add a "Me Too!".
    4620L + pfSense 2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64) just works - no configuring other than to turn on tether mode in the hotspot.
    It shows up as an extra Ethernet interface to pfSense, no PPP or PPPoE settings needed.
    I typically use a MHS291LVW hockey puck that replaced my 4620L (for 2x20 'XLTE' support). Well today I needed to hook it up to a pfSense box. LG VL600 wasn't havin' it - wouldn't take AT strings for PPP. Tried my MHS291LVW in tether mode, pfSense didn't see it. Found your post, and thought "lemme go dig that up from the graveyard" - works perfectly, thank you.

  • What sort of speeds are you getting with these?

  • I have a Verizon Jetpack MiFi 6620L but I can't it working in tether mode in pfsense 2.2.2-RELEASE. I believe this is because I need the if_cdce driver, which is not available on this build.

    I'm interested in what device the network interface device name is, which drivers are loaded in the kernel and what version of pfsense you're using. Can you provide the output of these commands:

    ifconfig -a
    uname -a

    Also, the usb info for the 4620L might help. Can you show the output of 'usbconfig dump_device_desc' as well?