IPsec and routes redistribution

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to use pfSense as IPsec appliance in my network, as current firewall supports only 75 IPsec tunnels (limited by license, and upgrade costs $$$$). I can't figure out, how routing will work in that case and need some help with it. In current environment, on all my hosts default gateway is switch B, which have default route to firewall A. Firewall has static routes for all private networks through switch B. Customer's networks with smaller mask are correctly routed through tunnels.

    But when all tunnels will be moved to pfSense router, switch will send traffic to customer's networks through it's default router to firewall A, it will not work.

    So question is, is it possible to run OSPF/RIP on pfSense to publish customers networks to switch?

    I didn't found any docs about that…


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