Help! problem with squid cache

  • I'm running pfsense 1.2RC3 and having a problem w/ squid caching. When squid attempts to cache anything it generates the following error in the /var/squid/log/cache.log file:

     storeDiskdSend: msgsnd: (35) Resource temporarily unavailable

    after generating this error 100x squid restarts itself after generating the following error:

    assertion failed: diskd/store_io_diskd.c:512: "++send_errors < 100"

    I have attempted to rebuild cache directory with no change. Anybody have any suggestions?

    Also I am running pfsense off a 2gb cf card with over 1gb free disk space, and 512mb of ram that never runs over 300mb utilized, if that matters.

  • Are you running the embedded version of pfSense?  Squid will not run on embedded, you will need the full install.

  • I am running the full install of pfsense.

  • I re-installed 1.2-RC3 and squid and it seems to be working now.

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