Enabled bandwidth throttling in CP and,,

  • Hello All,

    pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE  x2
    3 wan - 1 lan  failover and loadbalancing

    We finally had to go to bandwidth throttling at our two school buildings due to the wild influx of mobile devices floating around,for some bakground.
    We have two pfSense machines that have been running like a top for about 5 years now
    For the last two days after enabling bandwidth throttling in Captive Portal 250 kbits up & down,,on one of the two pfSense machines it will simply stop passing traffic for about ten minutes then goes again.
    Looking at the RRD graphs this is obvious. in the traffic graphs. Also in the processor traffic graph at the same time there is no processor reading for this ten minute time frame.

    This has never done this before enabling this in the captive portal. The memory usage is about 86% on the offending machine.
    Both pfSense machines are identical hardware.
    3.45 celeron with 2GB of rams.
    The system log shows no odd,, stuff at the two times each day this has occured.
    Happnes around 9am and 1 pm,for with it's worth.

    Pretty hard to pinpoint I am sure.
    I never see any weird stuff in the processor graph,,other than a complete stop for the ten minute time frame,each time traffic stops passing on all nics.

    Sorry for long post.

    Thank You,

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