Repeatedly calling check_reload_status

  • I've been experiencing lots of lag lately. Sometimes opening web pages the browser hangs and the pages don't load. So I went in and had a look today and got stuff like this:

    which explains the hanging, but not the cause. This was just after a reboot, too (these messages prompted the reboot).

    Nothing has changed in my config. I'm running pfSense 2.1 x64 on an Intel Atom. This is something that has seemingly happened in the last couple of weeks. No new packages installed. The only things that have changed is I've added some new devices to my network, added static mappings for them on the DHCP server wifi interface and added some new rules to control them.

    Every minute it seems to be reloading rules and I'm not sure why. Definitely no cron jobs running (at least nothing new). The jobs I have look like this:

    Anyone have any hints what might be causing the reloads and how I can prevent them? Or if it's even necessary? I just don't like the (new to my pfSense) hanging.

  • Hmm, I might have inadvertently fixed it. When checking my package versions I noticed Snort out of date. I had pkg v3.0.2. I upgraded to pkg v3.0.3 and since then only one check_reload_status flush. I wonder if this started when I went from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2?

  • I might have been getting something similar to the crossed out stuff in this post, although I never had the same options checked.

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