Traffic on WAN

  • Hi,

    Kindly please help me interpret this. (Attached)

    IN my WAN traffic, I have

    IN:  3.95mbps
    OUT:  232kbps

    I am subscribed to 4mbps dedicated (4up/4down)

    The time I screenshot the traffice I have 3 active user via voucher and 30 user on pass-through MAC.

    Does the traffic mean that my 4mbps is almost maxed out  and that in every user they are consuming 232kbps?

    Please enlighten me about interpreting the traffic on WAN.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Would seem your users are downloading yes – download (websites, streaming video/audo, etc ) uses little upload bandwidth, which is you OUT, and what they download/Stream is your IN.  This is why many internet plans you see higher download numbers than upload.

    So yes you pipe is maxed out if you only have 4mbps plan.  Here I'm in the middle of downloading large file that is using up my download I have 25/5 plan -- as you can see getting a bit more than, but using very little upload, my OUT on the wan traffic graph

  • Oh I see. Thanks for the inputs.

    I also have a question on the LAN traffic side. So what does it wants to convey? Please see attachment.

  • The graph shows:
    Out - traffic from the LAN NIC to clients (downloading)
    In - traffic from LAN clients to the LAN NIC (uploading)

    The table shows the clients:
    In - traffic arriving In to the client (downloading)
    Out - traffic being sent out of the client (uploading)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    This is really basic stuff here - not sure how it could be worded better?

    you have this

    client –- lan (pfsense) wan --- internet

    If your pfsense stuff going to clients would be out the lan, stuff from clients would be in on lan.  On wan stuff going to internet would be out, and stuff coming from internet to pfsense would be in.  Look at the traffic flow from pfsense perspective

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