Load on the interfaces

  • Hi,

    I'm runing some IP telephony services and have recently setup a pfsense firewall in bridge mode.
    But i'm having some issues.

    My bridged interface is being disconnected with the following message:
    Nov 27 14:56:42 kernel: ste3: watchdog timeout
    Nov 27 14:56:42 kernel: ste3: link state changed to DOWN
    Nov 27 14:56:44 kernel: ste3: link state changed to UP
    Nov 27 14:56:47 check_reload_status: rc.linkup starting

    I have alot of traffic on the system.
    In avarage:
    6000 states.
    17.45 k packets pps.
    26.28 Mb/s
    CPU usage 55%
    Memory usage 11%
    Swap usage 0%

    Any idea of what could be the issue here?

  • I switched to monowall and i don´t have the issue.
    Would this be a issue in the 1.2 release you think?

  • Which version of pfSense 1.2 were you using (exact version, "the latest" is meaningless)?

    Which version of m0n0wall are you using (ditto)?

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