NTP Server not working if bound to WAN or multiple interfaces

  • Hi all,

    I am having a strange problem with NTP. I just noticed I could not sync clients anymore, complaining about the server delivering a "Kiss of Death".

    I have my NTP server bound to both WAN and LAN NICs, with port 123 UDP open on the WAN interface.

    This has worked for years, but all of a sudden this is what I get when looking at the NTP status:

    Pretty much the only way I have now of getting NTP to sync and work is to bind it ONLY to the LAN interface, but then I lose my public-facing NTP server.

    I have tried using a NAT rule to redirect traffic, and that works internally only, either using the LAN or WAN IPs, but when trying to connect from the Internet, I cannot:

    Any idea how I can make my NTP server work on the WAN interface, and then using NAT reflection to make it work on the LAN side as well?

    Tanks and jeeps in advance!

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