Trouble with setting up pfSense as firewall/router for my virtualbox environment

  • Hello, I'm kinda new to networking in general.. I've been setting up a virtualbox environment with a Windows Server 2012 machine and pfSense with two network adapters; one for bridged WAN and one for internal LAN.

    This is how my IP-adresses looks like:

    Homerouter LAN:

    pfSense WAN (em0): (DHCP from homerouter)
    pfSense LAN (em1): (static)
    Windows 2012 Server:

    After I set up WAN/LAN interfaces for pfSense through the command prompt setup and log on to my virtual machine, I am able to log into pfSense webGUI.
    I'm also able to ping both my local IP-adresses but also external websites from my virtual machine…
    But I'm not able to browse the web and from the pfSense command console I am not able to ping my virtual machine, but vice versa does work.

    In the webGUI setup wizard, if I set pfSense WAN to static I'm not able to ping anything at all and I loose my connection, I've tried to add both and my ISP DNS-server without any luck.

    I would appreciate some help to clear out how to approach this issue, as i'm pretty new here.

    Can this issue be DNS-related or anything related to my homerouter?
    Should my pfSense WAN get adress from DHCP or static? Is there something I need to research around my ISP/Homerouter as for what is recommended?

  • I guess "my virtual machine" = Windows 2012 Server.
    Maybe there is a firewall enabled on Windows 2012 Server so it does not reply to ping from pfSense console?
    Yes, WAN DHCP should be fine from your real network, and it sounds like it is finding a way out for IP traffic, since you can ping all the from Windows 2012 Server to the internet.
    It sound like just DNS not working. Set Windows Server 2012 to point to pfSense LAN IP as its upstream DNS server. pfSense should have already learnt an upstream DNS server along with its DHCP.

  • Virtual machine equals Win server 2012 ye, sorry for not pointing that out.
    I did some configurations yesterday and managed to make static WAN work out!
    I sat WAN to (static) and gateway as pfSense LAN adress.
    I also sat my homerouters IP-adress as DNS-server and I can ping everything included Windows Server from pfSense :)
    But I'm still not able to browse the web… So I guess it has to be something blocking port 80? I tried to check both Windows Firewall and pfSense firewall but couldn't find any settings that would block port 80.

    So there's still some troubleshooting left for me.

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