Help : Install Problems - Hard Drive Size?

  • I am putting a 40 gig laptop drive in my pfsense box and when I do so I cant get to install / partition the hard drive correctly.  First it tells me to use recommended geometry then it tells me that it cant partition the drive because of error code 1.

    I should note I can install it on this old 6.4 gig drive with no problems but that drive is near finished (very loud).  Any work arounds for this? I have set the bios to the exact geometry of the drive and tried with UDMA both on and off with the same results.

    I've tested the drive with drive fitness test and it passes with flying colors.  I can also install windows on that drive with no problems.

    I have low level formated the drive now so it is clean slate… I'm hoping to get this resolved.


  • From memory this has come up before - search the forum.

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