What do to with a static WAN address

  • It has been a long while, so I need a refresher. I have a static address from my TWC connection. I would seem that it passes straight to my pfsense box. What do I need to do in my setup so I can ssh and get to the pfsense interface. I added a rule to allow all traffic from the wan interface to go the various ports, but so far no go. When I attempt to reach the box, it is a failure. Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

  • I would setup a VPN that tunnels to the LAN side of pfSense.  Then under System -> Advanced, on the Admin tab, enable ssh and configure an ssh port.  Then you would connect to the VPN and then ssh to the pfSense LAN IP.

  • That would be swell if any traffic was going through my box. I believe that I need to do is do a 1:1 NAT setup and then everything will be good to go. I am open to any other pointers in case I am going in the wrong direction.

  • Did you setup a WAN rule for connections inbound to that Public IP at your ssh port?

    A little more info would be helpful, not clear if you made a Wan rule or a Lan rule.  Change your firewall rule and enable logging, try to connect, then see what is in the log.

    Actually, are you trying to ssh to get to the command line interface or to the web based UI?  Not clear on what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

    I'm not personally a fan of opening up direct access to the command line or web ui on your public IP.  Like I said in a previous post, I'd setup a VPN (something cert based like OpenVPN) and have it tunnel to the LAN, then you would simply connect the VPN and have access to both the web ui and the command line interface at their private/LAN IPs.

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