Portfowarding, with a bridge from the LAN to OPT1(wireless)

  • I bridged my Wireless card(opt1) to my LAN

    I then forwarded ports from WAN to LAN

    The internal IP is the wireless computer.

    Is there anything extra since the internal IP is from a bridged interface?

  • here's a screen shot of my forwards, and my rules

  • What is your goal?

    I kind of dont understand what you want to accomplish und thus dont understand what your problem is.

  • Ok well, I want the wireless to be on the same subnet as the LAN, so basic windows file sharing can happen between the wireless and wired computers.

    Also I want to forward ports to a computer on the wireless(OPT1) so bit torrent and a webui for my bit torrent client can work.

    internal IP of the computer I want the ports forwarded to is:

    So I forwarded those ports to that address, but I can not access the webui, nor is bit torrent working like it should be.

  • now I'm really confused…

    I have VNC set up on my computer;

    the VNC works no problem

    I forwarded ports for uTorrent the same exact way;

    That does not work - torrents are slow, and the webgui can not be accessed via the external IP at all.

    Also, I turned on a remote management port for the pfSense webui; and I can use the external IP from my home computer; but when I'm at a different location; I can't get to the webui for pfSense...

    ...what's going on here?

  • well, I think I got things figured out; I waited a bit after I made the port forwards; and everything works; I guess it's just not instant, is all.

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