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  • Hello,

    So I've set up SMTP e-mail notifications in pfSense but they don't work as expected. I can test the set up by clicking on TEST SMTP and it works.

    I have 4 gateways in the system and they are balanced in routing groups. I have 3 routing groups.

    I only seem to be notified if a gateway has gone down is when that gateway comes back up.

    My question is does pfSense only use one gateway to send out notifications? If so what happens if the gateway it uses to send notifications goes down? How can I tell which gateway its using to send notifications.

    I have a feeling pfSense only uses the default gateway to send notifications. But what happens when the default gateway goes down?

    Thank you.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It only uses the default unless you have set "allow default gateway switching" under System > Advanced on the Misc tab.

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