Multi-Domains - Multi-Interfaces

  • I do not know enough to make an intelligent start to look for making this configuration work. <–> (public IP x.y.z.49)pfSense:WAN <==> pfSense:LAN( <–> Pluto( <–> (public IP x.y.z.49)pfSense:WAN <==> pfSense:OPT( <–> Daffy(

    In other words, domains foo and bar both resolve to x.y.z.49.

    Based on the domain name, I want the respective traffic to use the associated interface.

    I have been exploring Squid, but the dozens of tutorial sites I have visited are either badly written, assumes the reader is a *nix god, focuses on aspects of Squid I am not interested in, or all three.

    Is Squid the solution here?

    If not, what is? Can pfSense do this by itself?

    If so, where would be a well-written, comprehensive, "For Dummies" tutorial on the Reverse Proxy aspects of Squid as presented in the pfSense WebGUI?

  • Netgate Administrator

    pfSense cannot do this in it's default setup.
    You need a reverse proxy that can read host headers. I believe there are more than one available as a package for pfSense though I've never set this up myself.
    Have a search through the forum for 'host headers'.


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