States not cleared on WAN IP change

  • Hello,

    when a PPPOE WAN interface reconnects and gets a new IP address not all states are cleared.

    I have three pfSense firewalls with the setup described in this picture:

    pfSense version on all three firewalls is: 2.1-RELEASE

    pfSense C connects via PPPOE to a provider getting a dynamic public IP address.
    pfSense A and B have pfSense C configured as a failover gateway. The monitoring IP is an IP address of the provider. This is done to detect and change gateways on high latency on the internet connection. On pfSense C you can clearly see the apinger ICMP states. (Third and second from the bottom)

    Whenever pfSense C is getting a new IP address (at least once a day) the apinger states are kept with the old public ip address in it. This causes the apinger instances on A and B to display "gateway down" although C is up again with a new IP. The only solution is to clear the states on C or restart apinger on A and B.
    This only happens when there is a PPPOE disconnect (manual or forced by the provider) on the WAN interface. If the interface is brought down by removing the ethernet cable all states are correctly cleared.
    I also unchecked the "State Killing on Gateway Failure":

    Is there any way I can make sure all states are cleared when the PPPOE WAN interface is assigned a new IP address?


  • Hi,

    I have the same problem, I searched the forum and there is some info but not a precise way to solve this issue.
    What I cannot understand is the reason why there isn't a way to add this feature " clear all states when WAN IP recover" officially

    However, if anyone has news on this it will be appreciated.

    The only topic I found that's interesting, but I have not tested the solution yet, is this:

    I don't know if this can help