Why can't we get rid of "Bandwith" in HFSC?

  • I know the official "reason": it's there in order "not to confuse HFSC newbies".


    I know that some early automobiles featured Rein instead of steering wheels in order "not to confuse drivers which had previous experience with coaches". Brilliant idea, that!

    But, for some reason, no one has built cars with both reins AND steering wheels at the same time. I  mean, hey, should the Amish ever consider to accept automobiles, any brand featuring this non-confusing duplicate set of controls would be among the first considered.

    Now, us pfSense users are not exactly Amish guys. Actually, I consider us to be more like Formula 1 race drivers. When the gear paddles came up, the gear stick was NOT retained. Despite the danger that race drivers would be utterly confused by the fact that they could change gears by only a single control. No reins as well, totally ignoring the possibility that someday, an Amish race driver may appear.

    Unfortunately, I am not an Amish. I switched over to HFSC to overcome the limitations of the other traffic shaping methods. Like I drive a car because it's not easier to maintain than a horse, it's also bit faster on the freeway. And when I made the decision to use a car instead of a horse coach, I readily accepted the challenge to switch from reins to a steering wheel. Yes, quite confusing at first, but it offers much better control at 120mph than the reins on a coach - assuming that I could ever get the horse to run at 120mph. Actually, I'd be surprise and maybe even  confused if I ever took place in a Formula 1 race car and it did sport reins in addition to the steering wheel.

    Judging from the amount of posts everywhere, not just in this forum, of people trying to figure out what the gratious "bandwidth" option means, I'd suggest to get rid of it. Oh, it does have it's benefits. Because EVERYONE who wondered about how this piece of anachronistic garbage fits into the modern ways HFSC spent HOURS of searching and reading documentation. Only to be more and more confused than before!

    Honesty. I consider this such a good example of a totally ridiculous bug that I suggest removal in 2.1.1 asap.

    Any comments?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I have no useful comments on HFSC but I was amused by your analogy.  ;D

    It's interesting to note that car manufacturers have tried to get rid of the wheel on many occasions but people are so used to it it's almost impossible to get them to try anything else. In a few years when the first commercially available self driving cars appear do you think they will have a steering wheel? There is no need to have one but I'm guessing that people will be more likely to buy one that has it at least for the first generation. It's also interesting to note that were to find a 120mph capable horse you probably wouldn't need to do much with the reigns since the horse itself does the majority of the steering, much like a self driving car.

    End of hole picking.  ;)


  • Kind of agree, I guess.

    HFSC is not developed by the pfSense project, but the pfSense code could be tweaked to assign the linkshare m2 value to the HFSC bandwidth in all cases (and also make linkshare m2 a mandatory field)

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