Balancing users over more than one pfsense box for lan party

  • Hi

    I am going to set up a network for a 200 participants LAN party and i have some network issues.

    We have 1 gbit internet connection and 64 public ips, and a lot of servers, but none of them powerful enough to take the whole thing by themselves.

    I came over this post:,12952.msg69834.html#msg69834

    With something that sounds perfect for my setup, but i cant really see the whole solution and how i can manage this.

    I escpesially have problems with understanding the part where the users only can get ips from the right server. And how this will be configured over my table switches.

    Would someone be so kind to help me understand?

    And maybe give a good solution on how to use more than one public ip per server?

    Best regards

  • Pushing 1Gbit/s through FW+NAT isn't very hard.  A modern Celeron or i3 will have no issues.

    What exactly are the "network issues" that you're experiencing?

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